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If you have a Providian Citibank, or American Express credit card in default or if you are receiving debt collector letters or if you are you being sued by Unifund CCR Partners, you may have a defense to the lawsuit and/or a claim against them.

Consumer advocate and credit/debt expert has information about Unifund Partners here.  

Indeed, Mr. Hibbs ranks Unifund Partners the 4th worst debt collection agency in the United States. 

Unifund feasts on the famine of others. As banks and lenders dump their delinquent consumer debt, Unifund and others happily buy it in bulk for pennies on the dollar. According to Collections & Credit Risk magazine, Unifund boasts one of the nation's biggest inventories of shaky money.

From its start in Dayton, Ohio, in 1986, Unifund has quietly become an economic force. It has 45 employees; clients as big as Citibank and American Express; and dealings with banks, retailers and law firms all over the country. Rosenberg also has a project going with hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons of New York, involving the issuance of more than 100,000 debit cards to low-income people.

Contact Information:

Unifund Group Corp.
10625 Techwoods Circle
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

website: http://www.unifund.com/

Cincinnati Enquirer Story on Unifund Partners:

With David Rosenberg as its majority owner, has clients as big as Citibank and American Express.  Courtesy The Cincinnati Enquirer.  Click here for the story

Just because a Unifund CCR Partners, sues you does not mean that they are automatically entitled to a judgment. They still have to prove their case, and you can have a trial, even a jury trial. The key is to answer their letters and threats and/or lawsuit in a timely manner. If you answer in time you can successfully defend your case.  You may win money damages, and have a judgment in your favor entered stating that you owe nothing. 


A lawsuit can be brought against Unifund CCR Partners for willful and intentional fraud and racketeering which will be prosecuted for at least treble damages for commercial injury pursuant to racketeering under Title 18, Chapter 96 of the U. S. Code.

Additionally Unifund does NOT have any evidence and/or testimony from ANYONE with personal, first-hand knowledge and sworn to under penalty of perjury as REQUIRED by the Federal Rules of Evidence 602 and 603.

As has been clearly and thoroughly evidenced in case after case, the alleged Claimant’s alleged legal representative, Unifund, continues to fail to file a PROPER and LEGAL “claim” UNDER ANY LAW.

What does the FDCPA’s requirement of “meaningful review” mean anyway? The court stated that “merely being told by a client that a debt is overdue is not enough.” Clearly, a lawyer must do something other than rely upon a client’s word. Some amount of research and review of the individual account must take place. Implicit in this case was the court’s

Case Law:

United States District Courts and Supreme Court Rulings

Mile High Industries v. Cohen, Rhode Island v. Massachusetts, Szetela v. Discover Bank, Toppings v. Meritech Mortgage Services, Inc., Doctor’s Associates, Inc. v. Casarotto, Vermont v. New Hampshire, Casteel vs. Clear Channel Broad., Inc., Fleetwood Enterprises, Inc. vs. Gaskamp, Stout vs. Byrider, Myers vs. MBNA America and North American Capitol Corporation, Georgia v. South Carolina, Hale vs. Henkel, Erie Railroad Company v. Tompkins, Trinsey v. Pagliaro and Adickes v. Kress & Co.

There are many other Procedures, Rules and codes that may be used against Unifund CCR Partners.

We have the answer, and all the documents and information your will need to defend yourself against Unifund CCR Partners at reasonable cost. p<>Contact us by filling out an information form at the following link. Information request application

We have two options available for consumers who are being sued by Unifund CCR Partners. Whether you hire us or someone else, it is better to hire a lawyer than to go it alone.

Bad debts are very, very good for bill collector. Bad Debts

To find out more about your possible claims and your rights against bill collectors or collection agencies click on the link below:

Debtors Rights


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