Our mission is to educate consumers about secured and unsecured credit and options available to them.

We believe that if you don't know your rights, you don’t know your options.

Debt Collectors

You can stop debt collectors from collecting any money from you.

Do not pay another penny!

Just because a debt collector sends you dunning letters does not mean that they are automatically entitled to a judgment. They still have to prove their case, and you can have a trial, even a jury trial.

The key is to answer their letters and arbitration threats and/or lawsuits properly and in a timely manner. If you answer in time you can successfully defend your case. You may win, and have a judgment in your favor entered stating that you owe nothing. 

You could even possibly sue the debt collector for money damages for willfully and wantonly fraudulently collecting a debt.

We know what we are talking about. We know the law, and we know the tactics many collectors have attempted in order to intimidate or "bully" people when trying to collect a debt. We know the right way to say no to debt collectors. And most importantly, We know what your rights are against the collection agency's harassment!

We offer professional legal research to help to win your case against debt collectors.

Home Mortgages and Predatory Lending

We help homeowners who are victims of predatory lending practices.

We are professional law researchers. We are affiliated with more than 100 attorneys all over the United States. We are the leaders in document auditing and predatory lending litigation and defense. And an authority on the subject of predatory lending practices, foreclosure defense, consumer protection and debtor’s rights.

Lenders all over the country are violating The Truth in Lending Act and other State laws regulating mortgage lenders and mortgage brokers.

Predatory lending strips billions in wealth from consumers and communities in the every year. Borrowers lose an estimated $9.1 billion annually due to predatory mortgages. Bank Fraud Victims Center is fighting to stop these financial abuses by informing consumers of consumer protection laws passed by congress. These laws were implemented by congress to protect consumers from predatory lenders.

If you are a victim of predatory lending or home loan fraud, you may be able to void your mortgage and apply 100% of your payments to the principal. You may also be able to recover money damages.

Join Us Today, We have been successfully helping consumers with Debtors Rights, Debt Resolution and Credit Repair more than 10 years.


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