Collection Agency/Credit Bureau Letters


Answer Debt Collector Letters

Answer dunning letters to protect yourself from debt collectors

getting an arbitration award or judgment against you.

Starting at (Do-it-Yourself Manual) $90.75

Collection Agency Letters

-Defense of expired debt to collection agency $750.00
-Settle collection debt with collection agency
-Collection agency warning of possible

  Fair Debt Collection Practices Act violation $750.00
-Cease & desist letter to collection agency FREE
-Cease & desist letter #2 to collection agency
-VOD: Validation of debt to collection agency
-VOD to collection agency- strong letter $750.00
-Expired Statute of Limitations defense (SOL)
-Estoppel letter to collection agency $750.00
-Admission by Silence- validation of debt to collection agency $750.00
-Offer to settle debt as with collector/creditor
-Debt settlement offer to collection agency or original creditor
-Unilateral Release for settling debts to collection agency


Credit Bureau Letters
-To credit bureaus regarding inaccurate credit rating
-Request for investigation to the credit bureau
-Request to correct credit report after bankruptcy
-Request for free credit report based on credit denial
-To credit bureau to remove inquiries especially collection agency
-Identity Theft Notification to credit bureau
-Credit bureau (CRA) for disputed item(s)
-Demand letter to credit bureau for investigation results
-More aggressive letter to (CRA) for disputed item(s)
-Reply to a CRA accusing you of credit repair
-To credit bureau intent to file suit

-Judgment Related Letters
-Offer to settle judgment with creditor in exchange for    dismissal


Original Creditor Letters

-Letter advising creditor/collector of bankruptcy filing
-Reaffirmation agreement to creditor after BK
-Request to creditor to insert positive information into your credit report
-To creditor that you have filed bankruptcy
-To creditor to remove inquiry
-Goodwill letter to original creditor


Misc. letters
-Chexsystems letters to dispute and request file

-Custom debt collector letters starting at $750.00



-Answer lawsuits filed by debt collectors in your local district

  court (research) $3,800.00


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Informatory letters about bank fraud, debt settlement and predatory lending can educate consumers about secured and unsecured options available to them.