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Start Fixing Your Credit FAST 

With The Push Of A Button!

If you'd like to avoid the time consuming and frustrating process of typing credit repair letters, then here's a simple and painless solution for you. The solution is on our CD ROM.


Pop this disk into almost any computer and your letter writing will be as  "easy as cake"!  You'll get all the "hard hitting" credit repair letters contained in the "Credit Secrets Bible", including

  • Debt negotiation and "restrictive endorsement"
    letters you can use to settle your debts and
    your bad credit for as little as 27 cents on the dollar!

  • The "validation" letters some attorney's charge
    up to $1,000 for; that you can now unleash and
    destroy your creditors for pennies on the dollar!

  • Powerful, highly-effective dispute letters that can
    "clear up" even the worst damaged credit report on
    the face of the earth!

  • Sample letters you can use to obtain FREE copies
    of your credit report, so you'll know exactly which
    creditors to challenge and defeat with ease!

  • Power-packed letters that can remove damaging
    inquiries off your credit report good, instantly
    improving your credit!

  • And much much more... there simply isn't enough
    space here to list all the benefits you're going
    to receive with this one special CD ROM!

It's called the The Ultimate Credit Letters Disk!
It's like having your own personal secretary doing the hard work for you! Picture this you're in front of the computer, and you can choose any letter you want. Simply type in your name, the creditors name and any other relevant information. The hit the print key. It doesn't get any simpler than that!

The Ultimate Credit Letters Disk is the ultimate Lazy Man's way to avoid the time consuming and frustrating process of typing your credit repair letters. After all, why should you have to suffer through all that hassle when you can do things the EASY way! And, as a Credit Secrets Bible customer, you WON'T pay $43 everyone else has to pay. If you order now, you'll get the Kick-Ass Credit Letters Disk for the ridiculously low price of $23 dollars (you save $14 Bucks).

Order today for better credit tomorrow!

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Smithfield, RI 02917-2442

YES! Send me the Ultimate Credit Letters Disk Immediately! I'm ready to make my creditors do "back-flips" just to try to validate my bad credit! And I want the convenience and comfort  of having these letters on one simple 3.5 inch computer disk! I have enclosed a check or a money order for $23 dollars. Here's my order!

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