The UCC-1 Financing Statement is a form filed with the Secretary of State establishing a record of a security agreement between a debtor and a secured party. Once filed, it is irrefutable in commerce.

It is a rather benign looking form that could very well be the most powerful instrument in commercial law ever discovered by the patriot movement. It is also by far the most dangerous. The process hailed as "Redemption" is fast and furiously sweeping the country, with noticeable results both positive and negative. It is like a gun in the hands of a person who is a skilled marksman.

But any weapon can be used against you if you don’t have the capacity to wield it.

You are a sovereign under your Creator. The name that appears similar to your own but is in all CAPITAL LETTERS and even Upper and Lower case name is a trust (a fiction). That trust (fiction) is a "person" under the Internal Revenue Code, and a "taxpayer." That "person" was created when your mother allowed for the assignment of a birth certificate.

Such an instrument is a certificate of title, title to a business entity that exists for one, and only one, purpose. It was created to be collateral on a debt that can never be "paid." It is an indentured servant that is bound in perpetuity from inception to dissolution. It has always been, and always will be, a DEBTOR. The only question remaining is to whom is it indentured?

So what are you actually doing when you file a UCC-1 making the ALL CAPITAL LETTER NAME (a fiction) the Debtor and upper and lower case name (a fiction) the Secured Party Creditor? You are creating public notice that has two fictions identified as Debtor and Secured Party Creditor.

I cannot see how that is taking control of your Title.

What Is The Purpose Of A Name?

If I want to know how you are called, what is your name or what is one of your names? Usually a judge just wants to know your name because he needs you to identify the body in front of the court; the collateral.

What is the purpose of a name; what is associated with the name (in commerce)? Liability; titles, rights, interest, liabilities, and duties the name binds you to a contract.

When I say “who are you?” Now, who are you? When this body dies is it not true that there is a spirit inside? For those of you who believe in God when this body dies there is a spirit and it goes someplace, are you in concert with that? So in reality, is this me or is it the spirit inside this body in me? But this body is not me is it? I am spirit, so if I ask you who you are, just like God answered to Moses "I am who I am" "I am me" The spirit inside this body in me is the sovereign.

Who are they charging?

When they arrest the vessel and attach it as a surety to the charges – if you’re a creditor you’re going to put something up (bond it) to release the vessel. If you put up a bond, there’s no need for the body to be a surety (a bond). Your DEBTOR gets a ticket for $ 95.00 for speeding. It is always the debtor that is presented with the charging instrument since the bankrupt corporate courts are not able to deal with sovereigns, only business entities.

These governments don't even charge people with anything. They are charging the STRAWMAN, or ens legis.

They are charging a name (fiction).

What is the birth certificate?

The birth certificate is a security agreement between the state and the party and that security agreement when registered in a public registry system becomes a claim a lien or a title against the body. So if you're STRAWMAN estate fails to make a payment let's say on a criminal charge and the STRAWMAN estate is now found guilty on that criminal charge then there is a duty, a liability, a tax; against that estate to set off that charge.

 Since the body is the currency or the source of the currency when they deposit the body in a physical location and the body is money. Isn't the deposit of money called a bank? And so aren't prisons banks? And the prisoner in there owes a certain amount of money for which his body through the registered security agreement ties him into the contract. And the amount that he owes is like a certificate of deposit. It has a fixed amount good for a fixed period of time. And so everybody in a prison is in a bank on certificate of deposit. And that certificate of deposit those funds, that energy is tied up for a fixed period of time which cannot be let out into circulation. So you're kept in the prison as though you are a Certificate of Deposit on deposit. And what does the bank do with funding that’s on deposit with these CDs? Don't they take that equity out and reinvest it and make money for-profit off the reinvestment of the equity?

Your body represents commercial energy. Money is the exchange (the currency) which exchanges commercial energy so the source of that which is used as money emanates in the living body. The dead body has no commercial value because it cannot either by the mind or by the physical nature of the body create and work, transport or change any energy.

What about the bonds that are that are put up? That's part of the exchange of the energy. But in order to invoke the bond it has to come from someone with authority and permission. So in reality it is your signature (of a live human body) which creates that which is a commercial energy or that which is used as the money.

And that bond or instrument only has a value when the asset is pledged. So the body, the asset, is pledged. For instance, if I have a bond in the bank and it is an asset backed bond they will trade these on the trading floor and they will make more money out of it. But backing of that bond is an asset that is pledged; the interest in that asset is pledged. So you must pledge your interest in the property (the body) to them. And now they have an interest in it they can float these instruments and earn more money.

Where do they create the interest in your body and how did you give it to him? You set up a trust. And what you put it into was your birth certificate to begin with and then each transaction you authorized continued to go into it interest so your birth certificate created a trust with all your commercial energy to vest in a living man of the energy of his own body putting it into this trust.

The Public (Democracy) and the Private (the Republic)

You can't give up your inalienable rights, they are always there they're inalienable, they are God given, the only one that can take them is God, but you can contract them away, and in this world we have two forms of government the Democracy and Republic; Democracy and Republic are two forms of government which are distinguished by their treatment of the Minority, and the Individual, by the Majority.

In a Democracy, the majority has unlimited power over the minority. This system of government does not provide a legal safeguard of the rights of the individual and the minority. it has been referred to as "Majority over Man". You can be a victim in a Democracy if you don't know the rules.

In a Republic, the Majority is limited and constrained by a written constitution which protects the rights of the individual and the minority. the purpose of a republic form of government is to control the majority and to protect the God-given, inalienable rights and liberty of the individual. The United States of America is founded as a Republic under the Constitution.

When they say "we the people" they're not talking about individuals out there. The people out there are talking about the representatives of the state and you can find that in the Bill of Rights.- You don't consider yourself to be a United States citizen do you?.

You are absolutely not a corporate citizen! The name of the state, (i.e. California), you live in is your country.

Now of course your allegiance is to Almighty God. It's not "to the United States of America to the Republic for which it stands."

Your allegiance is to Almighty God, so I certainly wouldn't be doing any Pledge of Allegiance to a United States corporate flag. But everybody gets to choose to and take what they get.

It is the STRAWMAN’s account that generates all the money. You can’t (the sovereign)  interact with the public; only the STRAWMAN (bailor) can. You’re the Trustee for the STRAWMAN and you’re responsible. Your body (to which they hold Title) is surety for the trust.

Webster's defines a name as a word by which a person or thing is known; a word of the speech sound or series of speech sounds that communicates a meaning.

Sovereign's (creditors) operate in the Republic outside the Democracy. Without the United States

Your STRAWMAN (fiction debtor) acts in the Democracy.

You can take control of your Title.

You Should Not File a UCC-1 Financing Statement

There are two kinds of people in this world and that's it. It is not black and it is not white it is not gray there's not yellow, there is not brown, there is not male there is not female. There is debtors and creditors. And that's all you have in the context that we are speaking of.

You have heard of people making the distinction of the ALL UPPER CASE name and the Upper Lower case name.

Are you either of them?

No! They are just two different forms of titles (fictions), of identifying interest, of identifying liability, also referred to as an appellation. How many John's and how many David's and how many Jack's are there?

In fact in commerce, a private trust is a natural person. Look up natural person in your Law dictionary, because only a natural person can contract or create the public trust.

person. “A person is such, not because he is human, but because rights and duties are ascribed to him. The person is the legal subject of substance of which the rights and duties are attributes. An individual human being considered as having such attributes is what lawyers call a natural person. Pullock, 1st book of jurisprudence, 110. Gray, nature and sources of law, ch II.”

Black’s Law Dictionary4th Edition.

person. “In general usage, a human being (i. e. natural person), though by statutes term may include labor organizations, corporations, legal representatives, trustees, trustees in bankruptcy, or receivers.

Black's Law dictionary 6th edition

private trust. One established were created for the benefit of a certain designated individual or individuals, or a known person or class of persons, clearly identified or capable of identification by the terms of the instrument creating the trust, as distinguished from trust for public institutions or charitable uses.

Black’s Law dictionary 6th the edition

I hope you do your due dalligance and learn what the UCC-1 Financing Statement is used for. For me, if I had filed a  UCC-1 Financing Statement I would terminate it as soon as possible with a UCC-3.

It is possible to void and cancel a State issued "BIRTH CERTIFICATE" or "CERTIFICATE OF BIRTH"? Yes. Is it possible to obtain a "certified copy" of a hospital or birthing center witness attestation - to a live birth?

Yes, to find out how click here: Redeem Your Birth Certificate



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