Credit Card Bank Fraud Exposed on National T.V.!

Credit card companies don't want you to know that of the thousands of industries tracked by the Better Business Bureau the credit card racket is number one in customer complaints.

Credit card companies don't want you to know that they deliberately target those who won’t be able to pay off their debts.

People they call, ‘Revolvers’.

People who see ‘zero percent interest’ in big blue print and don’t know that with just one late payment you skyrocket their interest to thirty percent. That if they so much as inquire about leasing a car you raise their rates.

Credit card companies don't want the public to know that while over seven million families have filed for bankruptcy in the last five years they got Congress to change the bankruptcy code to make it next to impossible for people to discharge credit card debt.

Credit card companies don’t want people to know that the credit card industry is essentially a pack of hyenas crunching on the bones of the poor.



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