You asked "why is the guy in jail?"

The guy is in jail because your body represents commercial energy. Money is the exchange (the currency) which exchanges commercial energy so the source of that which is used as money emanates in the living body. The dead body has no commercial value because it cannot either by the mind or by the physical nature of the body create and work, transport or change any energy.

What about the bonds that are that are put up?

That's part of the exchange of the energy. But in order to invoke the bond it has to come from someone with authority and permission. So in reality it is your signature (the of a live human body) which creates that which is a commercial energy or that which is used as the money.

And that bond or instrument only has a value when the asset is pledged. So the body, the asset, is pledged. For instance, if I have a bond in the bank and it is an asset backed bond they will trade these on trading. But the backing of that bond has to be an asset that is pledged; the interest in that asset is pledged. So you must pledge your interest in the property (the body) to them. And now they have an interest in it they can float these instruments on and earn more money.

Where do they create the interest in your body?

You gave it to them when you set up a trust. And what you put it into was your birth certificate to begin with and then each transaction you authorized continued to go into it interest so your birth certificate created a trust with all your commercial energy to vest in a living man of the energy of his own body putting it into this trust.

So the birth certificate is a security agreement between the state and the party and that security agreement when registered in a public registry system becomes a claim a lien or a title against the body. So if you're STRAWMAN estate fails to make a payment let's say on a criminal charge and the STRAWMAN estate is now found guilty on that criminal charge then there is a duty, a liability, a tax; against that estate to set off that charge. Since the body is the currency or the source of the currency when they deposit the body in a physical location and the body is money. Isn't the deposit of money called a bank? And so aren't prisons banks? And the prisoner in there owes a certain amount of money for which his body through the registered security agreement ties him into the contract. And the amount that he owes is like a certificate of deposit. It has a fixed amount good for a fixed period of time. And so everybody in a prison is in a bank on certificate of deposit. And that certificate of deposit those funds, that energy is tied up for a fixed period of time which cannot be let out into circulation. So you're kept in the prison as though you are a Certificate of Deposit on deposit.

And what does the bank do with funding that’s on deposit with these CDs?

Don't they take that equity out and reinvest it and make money for-profit off the reinvestment of the equity?

Absolutely! If you were a banker that is exactly what you would do.

They are making money off of people in prison.

What does the Scripture in end times, Revelation 18:11-13, say about buying and selling the souls of men?

You do have that for certificate of record out there. And that is a concern; but remember contracts are dynamic. You can redeem your Title.